a-n Future Programme 2017-2018

Thursday 8th March, 6pm-9pm at Guest Projects, Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL
We invite you to join us for a celebration and sharing of our past year of looking at The Future.  Featuring printed and live incarnations of what we’ve learned so far / creative responses to our guest speakers – expect exhibited works, performance, participation, food, drink and partying.  More info to follow!

In 2017 we received an a-n Artist-Led Group Bursary helping us to think and navigate our way through these uncertain political, cultural, social and environmental times – allowing us to expand our learning, get more people involved and collectively embark on research and practice themed around The Future. This included being able to invite artists, theorists and thinkers to share their learning, and AltMFA members having the opportunity to creatively respond to this.

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UNKNOWN FUTURES: our a-n funded Future Programme 2017-2018

Alt MFA is a peer-led art school based in London, established in 2010 as a free alternative to studying a university-based MA Fine Art in the city. Its a-n artist-led bursary award will fund a number of strands stemming from a framework of collective research and practice themed around ‘The Future’.

This will include a programme of visiting artist and expert lecturers who will lead talks, crits and workshops; a corresponding collection of critical writing and creative research responses to chronicle and share learning and ideas arising from The Future programme, with works published on an interactive website; promotion to enable expanded membership and greater public attendance at The Future programme.

Current member and co-founder Louise Ashcroft, who applied for the bursary, said: “The group keeps thriving, despite having no resources, but we could achieve a lot more if we could plan a programme for the year so that research consolidates and evolves reflectively and coherently. In the past we’ve made a conscious decision to avoid funding, but we’re at a stage where we will really benefit from this financial support.”


*All commissioned responses will be presented together in a final publication to be produced at the end of the series in January 2018.
In the mean time you will find them on our a-n blog.

Future Programme lectures    &    Alt MFA members’ corresponding responses



10 April 2017: Nuno Coelho ‘How Modernism Envisaged a New Future / Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction’
Debora Mo & Nathania Hartley responded individually to April’s lecture by Nuno Coelho

22 May 2017: Rosalie Schweiker & Margherita Huntley ‘Teaching for People Who Prefer Not to Teach’

Amy Leung’s & Maru Rojas’ collaborative response to May’s lecture by Rosalie Schweiker & Margherita Huntley

5 June 2017: Nina Power ‘Against the Future!’

Fritha Jenkins & Louise Ashcroft responded seperately to June’s lecture by Nina Power

24 July 2017: Giles Smith (ASSEMBLE) ‘News From Nowhere: Today’s Architecture is the Basis of Tomorrow’s Utopia.’

Sadie Edginton & Irene Pulga’s responses to July’s lecture by Giles Smith of Assemble

18 September 2017: Florence Peake movement workshop

Johanna Bolton & Anousha Payne responded to September’s lecture by Florence Peake

20 October 2017: Dave Beech ‘Art and Postcapitalism’
Andy Yau has responded to October’s lecture by Dave Beech
30 October 2017: Daniel Oliver ‘Max Dyspraxe’s Post-Aprokrolips Chiperlaterartparty Revolution Recontruction Fun-Time Time Time Travel Workshop’
Eirini Kartsaki’s & Eldi Dundee’s responses to October’s workshop led by Daniel Oliver
27 November 2017: Francesca Cavallo ‘Rehearsing Disaster’
Debora Mo’s poetic responses to November’s lecture by Francesca Cavallo
4 December 2017: Hamish MacPherson ‘so where exactly did the future come from?’ or ‘I can see the future, so can you and here’s how’
Naima Karlsson’s & Nathania Hartley’s responses to December’s lecture by Hamish MacPherson
11 December 2017: Owen Parry ‘Fandom as Methodology’
Sadie Edginton’s creative response to Owen Parry’s presentation